I am investigating the relationship between colors and the 8 main emotions found within the human being.

The information you give through this test will serve as a base for an artwork that links the chromatic scale to its corresponding emotions.

For their universal character the experiment can be useful in many distinct areas. For this reason I want to share them. The results can be applied in every case to serve as an instrument, which can help according to the actual circumstances. It has an universal character, and the results are useful in so many different branches.

Thank you for your collaboration and enjoy it.

Mónica Sánchez-Robles


1 / It won’t take more than two minutes. After indicate your sex, pick a color for each emotion between the 8 proposals.

The Test

2 / You can see the results of this experiment in different ways of view. By clicking on each one you will be able to see the data of every emotion and color by sex, age and location.

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